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Jul 6, 2012
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Hey guys, I got a new knife this week and already managed to put a chip about 2mm long and 1mm deep about 2/3rds the way along it towards the heel. It doesn't really affect the performance but it bugs me? Should I sharpen it out and sacrifice all that steel or just live with it for the next 6 months or so and have it diminish gradually?
What would you do?
Thanks for your thoughts
Ehh, if you don't cut with that part of the blade much, just let it come out over time. Maybe add a microbevel next time you sharpen to reduce the possibility of any more chips, unless that one appeared because of some misuse or accident.
Fix it over period of time, I would say.

Its not much steel maybe but it anyway costed money.
As long as it stays, the use of a rod may deepen it. With most brand new knives it's no bad idea at all to build a completely new edge with fresh steel. Remove it and forget.
In theory I say leave it, but chips bug me so much I always fix them straight away.
Im still working with that chip that hapened to shig chef knife. Its been three sharpenings ago and i would say ive eaten half of it. Smaller half.
I just let little chips work themselves out with regular sharpening.
That chip would also p!ss me off a lot too. I got a new deba before and it chipped almost immediately in one then another and another place. It was very sharp and no microbevel. I figured that the steal on the edge was somehow too brittle, stressed or fragile and not in the condition to maintain an edge, but was even worried a bit about the overall quality of the blade (an otherwise well-finished Aritsugu). Anyway, I went coarse and sharpened it off - about 1mm as that was almost the depth of the biggest chip at the heal. I didn't get that one entirely off, and was still worried about the edge after, but then soon realised it was a good move as the new edge, with its fresh steel, has so far been sturdy and is no longer chippy.

So I'd say, if it's new and has the original edge, then sharpen away. Maybe you're meant to or the current edge steal is not in the condition you'd want. But if not new then leave it and wait for chips to sharpen out in time.
Thanks guys, I just gave it a quick touch up which has reduced it enough that I'll be able to live with it. It will take a few more sessions to erase it. I appreciate the advice