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Nov 10, 2022
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Show me your knife racks!

Okey kkf. Im looking to make or buy a really cool knife rack. But im out of ideas. And I can't seem to find any cool ones online. So show me your knife rack or how you store your knives. Give me some inspiration please 🙏


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For my daily rotation and a 2 Euro iPhone stand..


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There’s a few threads on knife racks floating around if you feel like searching.

I have a couple of these and pondering getting a third.

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This is a cool one for sure!

Im new here to the forums. So Im not really sure how to navigate here. So I made my own thread. Might be end up beeing a usefull thread anyway 😊
Oooo! Where is the rack from, and also who made that gyuto on the right? Very nice!

The gyuto on the far right is a custom from Britton Steele, steeleworksknives on IG. He does fantastic work but I think his books are closed now. The billet is raindrop copper mai from Baker Forge.

The rack is from a Ukrainian artist who could definitely use some business right now with the war going on. She’s super nice and a pleasure to work with. Here’s my original thread on the rack (my smaller one) with a link and discount. My two racks are both custom sized and ran around $300 - $400 or thereabouts. Hit me up if you want measurements.

Here’s an IG post I made when I got my 2nd rack (the larger one in the photo above).
Here's my makeshift knifestand in cardboard! Works well enough until I build something slightly more elegant..
Im going to be honest and say.. this was not what i was looking for 😂 but I respect you for going for it
Really like my Piotr racks - leather coated so no scratches and the magnets are plenty strong. I have three
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Agreed on the leather. For my wood racks I have a pice of leather behind each knife. I ordered some free leather samples from a fancy online furniture place, cut them to fit the knife profile, and double sided tape them to the rack. They are much more secure on the leather too.