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Got any photos of the patina?
Which is your preferred core steel? Wolfram or sheffcut? Or are they good for different applications?
I'm not a steel expert. My basic understanding is Wolfram special is a tungsten steel like the 1.2519 series Sheffcut is a slightly tweaked, spicy, white or 26c3 which in itself I think is a slightly tweaked o or white steel. Basically the Wolfram holds an edge a little longer the Sheffcut should be slightly easier to sharpen. The decision was more based on what the maker felt was better to forge with for the application
That was put up as a payment processing test/joke... Was planning on taking it down...
I dunno you could keep it up if you wanted. I “tipped” a Euro maker around 20-30 euros on top of the knife costs just a couple months ago for going above and beyond my expectations.
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