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Withdrawn Simon Maillet 280x65mm San Mai Gyuto

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Sep 7, 2023
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United States

I am the second owner and have only used this a handful of times or so. It's a beautiful knife but this currently doesn't get enough use so here I am. As far as I am aware, this still has the original edge.

Here's some info/specifications:

This Gyuto features a flat heel, slight belly, good distal taper with a thin tip. Shop made san-maï with Hitachi Shirogami 1 steel core and wrought iron cladding (trash knife). Forged to shape and to geometry the bevels are ground on water cooled grinding stone with a Kasumi finish.

- Blade length : 280mm
- Blade height at heel : 65mm
- Blade thickness : 5.5mm - 2.8mm - 1mm
- Handle : Wa, 140mm with Black buffalo horn ferrule and Elm burl
- Balance point : Blade heavy (45mm from the heel)
- Weight : 313gr

- Hardness : ≥ 65 HRC

- Trash location : France / Anjou

I paid $550, asking for $490 525 shipping via FedEx included.
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