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Dec 17, 2020
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During lockdown I purchased a used Tojiro Sink Bridge from a KKF member for a great price, but unfortunately it went missing (along with my Shapton Pro stones) when I moved last year. The current prices of the Tojiro Sink Bridge are crazy high these days IMHO, so I went with the budget TDG-55 sink bridge from Suehiro. It works well, except for the stone holder slippage on its aluminum surface. I tried to use a DMT brand non-skid mat, but once the underside becomes wet it's useless. I tried using a small trigger clamp attached to the bridge to block the stone from slipping, but it's not the most elegant solution and the clamp can get in the way of stropping strokes. Yes a wet rag or non-slip rubber liners do an adequate job to prevent slippage, but I wanted to find something a bit more permanent. I stumbled upon anti-slip tape - the kind used to add traction for ramps, pools, ladders, etc...and so far it works great. I cut 2 strips to fit the sink bridge, and that stone holder is going nowhere! The grit used on the Gorilla Tread Tape creates a ton of friction and is weatherproof, so hopefully it lasts awhile. I'm sure someone has done this before, but I couldn't find anyone documenting the solution online so I want to share it with KKF. The tape is $12 on Amazon.