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WTS Snake sells more squares (Takeda and Tanaka)

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All!

You know the drill, great prices, shipping included, no international. First come first serve as always on these deals, enjoy! :)

Takeda Bunka NAS 175x55mm
This one has been tuned up nicely with the left side bevel raised and softened a bit while the right kept standard. Cuts like crazy, still has great release and doesn’t need to be hammered through apples anymore. Basically it’s a fixed up Takeda ready to rock. New Takashima with Coticule slurry edge. It’s a monstrously good edge.
Price = $200.00

Tanaka Blue #2 stainless clad western Nakiri 165x48mm
Really good workhorse Nakiri. Like pretty much every Tanaka I’ve used it’s an excellent cutter yet still feels solid and not chippy at all. Has a Takashima and Coticule slurry edge as well, seriously if you have these trying this edge combo on carbon.
Price = $85.00


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