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SOLD Snakes Square Deal (CCK Cleaver and Nakiri)

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May 17, 2014
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Square deal because it’s a Nakiri and cleaver…I’m pretty funny huh? Okay I’m not but it’s a great deal on these two knives together. Price is for both and includes shipping with it. Only for sale within ConUS.

Price = $70.00 for both

CCK 1303 Cleaver well used but still thin and a hell of a cutter. You want a knife to do work? This.

Unknown Nakiri from Hida Tool 165mm, only touched up the edge and has a take off d shaped handle from a JnS knife so way better handle than stock. Rounded the edges too so comfy and takes a killer edge
If somehow they’re not, I would love for these to be my official first foray into this wonderful world (a couple of Shaptons, a gifted global, and a kiwi not-withstanding)