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WTS Sugi TF, Catcheside, Old Stock Yoshikane, Kurosaki, Shibata

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Nov 3, 2019
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Got some customs coming in this summer and selling some older purchases to help finance them. Shipping from the UK but happy to ship internationally and would split the cost of shipping.

1. Sugi Fujiwara White #1 210mm Gyuto - Sold

Collaboration between Sugi Cutlery, Forty Knives and TF. Forging by TF, finished on stones by Forty, and handle by Sugi. Has a hammered kurouchi finish but in stainless clad white 1. Knife link here: Sugi Fujiwara W1 Gyuto 210mm - Blade Only #1, handle link here: Custom Japanese Knife handle (wa handle) - Japanese Elm Burl Handle is made from Japanese elm burl with ringed Gidgee. Height at heel: 51mm, length 216mm, weight 182g. I have used for a couple meals and stropped on leather strop and sharpened once on Chosera 3k. I paid $575/£410 when I bought it from Sugi. Asking $490/£375.

IMG_4307 2.JPGIMG_4308 2.JPGIMG_4312 2.JPGIMG_4313 2.JPG

2. Catcheside 165mm Petty (second) Iron clad/1.2442 - Sold

Bought directly from Will off of his instagram stories a couple months back to try one of his knives in a smaller size. One of his forged geometry knives but sold as a second as it was thinner than he normally wants them and there is a small inclusion towards the tip on the left side of the blade. The knife was therefore discounted from £310 to £220 which is what I paid. Height at heel: 44mm, Length heel to tip: 166mm, Weight: 97g. Used lightly and starting to form patina but unsharpened since getting it from Will. I am asking $230/£175.

3. Yoshikane Old Stock Hunter - Sold

Similar story to knife listed here: Yoshikane old-stock damascus utility/paring/hunter knife. It's an old stock hunting, from Old Yoshikane (Mr. Tsuneo Yoshida) which are apparently hard to find now. The original listing on JNS: Yoshikane small Knife Horn 80 mm. Bought directly from Maksim along with an old stock Yoshi SLD nakiri. Keeping the nakiri but not found uses for this knife so passing it on. Remains unused and new. All the details for the knife are on JNS's listing. White #2 core. Full horn handle. Comes with a leather sheath. Paid £100. Asking $105/£80.

4. Kurosaki KU Tsuschime Aogami Super Nakiri 165mm

Bought from Kitchen Provisions in September 2019 for £180. Stainless clad AS with a rosewood handle. Length heel to tip: 158mm, Height at heel: 50mm, Weight: 158g. I have sharpened it a few times on a progression of Shapton Pro 1k and Chosera 3k/Ouka 3k and touched up on a leather stop. Still very thin behind the edge. Spine and choil were very rough when purchased, eased/rounded both. Asking $200/£155.

5. Shibata Battleship 195mm - Sold

Shibata Battleship 195mm SG2/R2 stainless clad. It was originally bought from Cutting Edge Knives in October 2020 for £210. I have sharpened it once on a Chosera 3k. Length heel to tip: 197mm, Height at heel: 46mm, Weight: 131g. Asking $240/£185.

Rest of pictures in comments.
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