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SOLD Sukenari SG2 Damascus 210mm Kiritsuke Gyuto

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Apr 23, 2020
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I bought this for the mirror-finish damascus, which looks awesome in person (see pics). But I don't end up using it because I'm afraid of damaging the finish, so I'd rather let it go to someone who will.

Only used a 4-5 of times, never been sharpened or stropped. Purchased form Bay Trade Japan. The original handle was quite slim, so I installed a walnut handle instead using hot glue (ie. easily replaceable).

Dimensions: 203mm cutting edge, 48mm height over the heel. Weighs 156g.

Selling for $320 $300 USD including shipping within CONUS.

PXL_20220313_003204087.jpg PXL_20220313_003304280.jpg
PXL_20220313_003044916 - Copy.jpg PXL_20220313_003101031 - Copy.jpg PXL_20220313_003316789 - Copy.jpg PXL_20220313_003107869.jpg PXL_20220313_003327011.jpg PXL_20220313_003025804 - Copy.jpg


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These are super beautiful and the steel is very nice. I had a non-K-tip 210 SG2 and miss it. Always wanted to try a k-tip Sukenari. GLWS!