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Feb 6, 2024
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Hi, specifically for these 3 metals I am curious as to what is their optimum edge.
My use is slaughtering animals, (5-6 inch blades for children and up to 18+ inch blades for beef,) so it doesn't cut through bone but has to cut through skin and hide and flesh, which can have some debris on it, yet still maintain a perfectly sharp and smooth shave-ready edge. No nicks in the blade.
The 3 metals I am interested in are s90v, m390, and magnacut.
I know s90 has a much better edge retention, but is not as tough as the other 2. Will it chip out on me quicker if I hit a pebble on the hide or hit the neckbone by mistake? Or will it hold up fine? Will the other hold up better since they are tougher?
And from the other 2 which one is better?
It depends on the heat treat, choosing the optimum balance of toughness and hardness for a knife for this task.

From what I've seen, typical steel choices for this sort of knife often run to S30V, 3V with Delta heat treat and, yes, lately, Magnacut. I have not seen much S90V or M390 used in these applications. Magnacut is also easier to sharpen than M390, in my experience.