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SOLD Swedish Honyaki: Dalman 210mm (massdrop) + Spare 230mm Gyutos

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Mar 16, 2020
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Osaka, Japan

Once again more knives have accumulated than I can justify owning and some funds are needed for a special order, so a few tough decisions had to be made.

Update: Spare is sold.
First, the Spare k-tip gyuto 230mm that was released by moderncooking (MCX | K-Tip Gyuto 230mm 26c3 Limited Release by - 2nd Edition | Modern Cooking). This one is essentially a catch and release, as I've only used it very few times, slightly touched it up once. Was lucky to be able to try it as only good things have been written about it and it is an exceptional knife at that price. Can remove the patina if requested.
Specs of my exemplar are as follows:
238 mm x 56 mm x3.7 mm at handle, 197.6 g.

It originally sold for 375€ (around 407$) and I will sell it here for 380$ (including first 30$ of international shipping).

Update: Dalman is sold!
Next, the Dalman honyaki gyuto 210mm from the KKF massdrop. Original owner, and I've been using it occassionally since receiving it in March last year. Sharpened it a few times, which is a pleasure. Also tried to bring back the original beauty, but the hamon is not so nicely visible anymore. Anyway, absolutely fantastic knife with one of the best handles ever. Thought I wouldn't sell it, but I have too many gyutos. Will throw in a leather saya if the buyer wants it.
Specs are as follows:
217 mm x 51 mm x 3.4 mm at handle, 172.5 g.

Originally paid 4900 Swedish crowns + import costs, and would like to sell it for 500$ (including first 30$ of international shipping).

Will send the knives from Switzerland so European buyers are slightly preferred, but basically anywhere should be fine.

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Sold, gonna ship out both knives today! Thanks KKF!

I've pitched having all bst come to me for approval before posting but couldn't get Angie to go for it :cool:
So now it's not all bst but just the unicorns? :D

Someone is gonna love that Spare… I absolutely love mine.
Beautiful knife and good performance too. I do think the buyer's gonna be happy!