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SOLD Takada no Hamono $280 240mm

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Bump and price drop to $340 shipped. Retails for $475. Sharpened 3 times. Little patina which I can remove but otherwise looks like a knife that’s seen hardly any use at all
I am shocked that this is still here. Gyutos, especially ones in 240mm, from Takada no Hamono seem to always be out of stock at retailers and are generally hard to get. I have a Kikuchiyo Yohei (Takada) gyuto in ginsan that I very much enjoy using, and this knife looks very similar (obviously not the steel or cladding). The grind is great, offering a smooth cutting feel with good food release for its thinness (I think), and the profile is really nice (at least for me). GLWS!
FYI it is pretty easy (and doesn't have to be super expensive) to re-handle a knife like this if you just don't like the handle.