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Traded Takeda classic Chuka with custom handle and saya

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Aug 2, 2020
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San Diego
For sale:
Takeda classic Chuka Bocho 200 x 115mm
Handle and saya is made by the one and only Grady Decolibus using hornbeam and brass. This is probably one of the funnest knives I have used. Cuts amazingly and has the unreal food release that takeda is known for. Selling because I got some new stuff coming in and need to make room. Only been sharpened one time on a Mikawa bench nagura. Maybe have used it 6 times total. I have $960 in this knife in all and am trying to get $900 for it including shipping in the CONUS.


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I’m not a cleaver guy… but if I was, this would be the one. My Takeda classic nakiri is the most fun knife I have. Brings joy to me every time I put it to use. Some cleaver-head needs this, but just don’t know it yet. The Graydon woodwork is the cherry on top. GLWS
Takeda cleaver is a great one to try. Mine indeed has magical food release with nice cleaver proportions to boot. Hope someone picks up this beauty