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Withdrawn Takeuchi 150mm deba

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Nov 27, 2021
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Up for sale tonight is a Takeuchi 150mm deba. Steel is white 2 and cladding is iron, has a nicely figured zelkova handle as well, which is an upgrade from the standard ho wood Takeuchi normally come with.
This was my go-to 150mm deba for quite a while and I think it's a really great knife for someone who wants quality steel without a big investment. Selling because I want one of the Greg Cimms tuna spikes and I need a little extra cash. The fit and finish isn't anything exceptional, spine could benefit from some easing if you intend to use it for extended lengths of time, but the steel gets sharp in a hurry and has pretty good edge retention. Compared to tojiro which is around the same price point Takeuchi steel takes a more refined edge and the cladding is a bit softer, grind is definitely better than Tojiro, and it's a pleasure to sharpen. The knife is not particularly rust prone and I've left water on the blade while working and never had rust. There is just one blemish on the ura where some surface rust popped up during longer term storage which I removed with a rust eraser. The edge is clean with no chipping and it does not currently have a microbevel, although I can put one on before shipping if the buyer wishes. Does have a safety heel though, courtesy of my countertop :confused:

Steel: Iron-clad White #2
Length heel to tip: 138mm
Height: 45mm
Thickness: 7.25mm

Takeuchi info: 株式会社竹内刃物製作所
Asking $85 shipped Conus. Happy to ship international and I'll cover first $15


To show the level of refinement the steel can take and ease of sharpening it currently has a high grit J-nat edge, not stropped:
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Updated with some specs and measurements. As always please let me know if you have any questions :)
Withdawing this one for now, need to do a little more testing before I decide which ones to let go