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SOLD Tamahagane kamisori (spf)

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probably up too late sharpening again
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Dec 15, 2017
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47mm edge length
Tamahagane steel per kanji on back
$75 shipped and insured

Impulse bought this kamisori last fall. Given it some attention here and there, but don’t think straight shaving is likely to make it into my routine anytime soon and would be happy to see this go to someone who would make a full restoration and daily use a priority. Otherwise it’ll just sit on my project shelf until I finally feel motivated enough to fix it.

Don’t know enough about it or razors to offer a lot of useful info, but happy to provide more pictures as needed. It definitely takes a very keen edge easily and has no corrosion or patina spots along the edge. Cladding has some wave to it that finer naturals bring out. Feels great on the stones.


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How do you like it compared to white steel?

I've found tamahagane eaiser to sharpen by a decent bit, like 1/2 to 1/4 the jump from blue to white, is white to tamahagane. Depending on the hardness and which one.

Keenness is better than white, too. Like the jump from blue to white, the jump in keenness from white to tamahagane is about 1/4 to 1/3 as well.
This things definitely wants to be sharp as can be. A few swipes on each side and it takes an edge that feels fully de-burred and ready to go - first time I sharped it I wasn't ready for it to slice straight through my bowl because I'd only spend a few minutes on the stones and wanted to see if there were any grind issues along the edge, didn't expect to to already be sharp.