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WTS Tanaka Kyuzo B1 Nakiri, New Takeda Classic Gyuto Large, New Anryu 210mm Gyuto Tsuchime B2

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May 3, 2022
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New Jersey
All prices are SHIPPED to the lower 48 States.

$500 SOLD - Brand new, rare Takeda Classic 270mm Large. Still has laquor so remember to remove. This version is the discontinued ironcald version.

$350 325 SOLD- Used HItohira Tanaka Kyuzo Blue #1 180mm Nakiri. Great knife and amazing steel, but don't use Nakiri enough.

$260 230 WITHDRAWN- Brand new, Anryu 210mm Blue#2 Tsuchime. Too late to return and didn't want to pay international return shipping. Asking same amount I paid.

More pics in
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