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I usually keep a few bottles of blancos around for mixing, always including Siete Leguas and El Tesoro. For a mixing reposado (paloma, etc) I think it's hard to beat Espolon. And Casa Noble and Ocho are my favorites añejos for drinking neat.

FWIW I've tried a few other blancos recently including KAH, and while it works reasonably well in a margarita, it's not entirely to my taste.
Ocho is a solid product. Artenom has some nice stuff and doesn't get bogged down with branding. For example the Artenom 1146 is from the same NOM as Tears of La Llorona and is a fraction of the cost. La Gritona is a pretty solid choice for most mixed drinks. It's a reposado but isn't aged for all too long, so the flavor is a bit more rounded out but not overly woody like some can be. Also learned that I just don't really like Añejo