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SOLD Tetsujin 270 (Drop)

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Bico Doce

aka Big Dice / Bocce Ballz / Big Douche
Mar 30, 2020
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Hey KKF,

Need to raise some funds so I am offering this Tetsujin I bought last summer from Tetogi. One of the beefiest lasers I've tried, its an absolute pleasure to use.

Asking $450 shipped/insured conus (international I'll cover $20)

Thanks for looking!

Description: Tetsujin Gyuto
Notes: Balance is very aggressive so this knive could withstand a heavier handle and still maintain a nice forward feel to it
Size: 263 x 55 mm
Spine at heel: 3.6 mm
Weight: 248 grams
Steel: Blue 2/Soft Iron
Finish: Migaki
Handle: Claro Walnut Octagonal
Geometry: Laser
Condition: Very good, never sharpened
Link: Tetsujin Blue #2 Kasumi Gyuto 270mm Riisgaard Handle