The Kramer on E-bay is bogus

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Hmm, that should take some of the air out of the secondary market.
How do you know?

For those who have been banned from KF, this is the text of Bob Kramer's post:

"There is an ad on ebay for one of my knives which is a fake. The photo and text were ripped off my last sale on ebay. I spoke with the owner of that knife this morning and they assured me they were NOT selling that knife and that was not their ad nor did they have anything to do with it. Ebay has not responded to any of my emails informing them of the situation. This is a spoof or a con, be very careful. I have tried to get more information from the lister but they are not responding. Be careful.
Bob Kramer"
Some D-BAG emailed(via ebay) me claiming he busted me selling a fraud Kramer and he contacted bob about it.I sent him a very polite message back;)