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SOLD The Last Dance(s)

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Jan 2, 2019
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Been awhile. Back to make final sales as I exit the hobby (for the most part). All prices are ridiculous because I really don't wanna futz about. All used. All in exceptional condition.

- Brook 52100 225x50 Paid about $450. Selling $250.
- Brook Cleaver (custom order) with full tang. Honduran Rosewood Burl. Paid $750, I think. Selling $400.

- Old freaking Usuba. Ni-mai, believe white 2. 225x52. Paid $250 Selling $100
- Shihan A2 w/ high-end handle. This is from the first batch ever of this knife (two were made). Paid like $900+, can't remember fully. Selling $500.
- Jonas integral full grind, purpleheart handle. I think spicy white 220x54. Paid like $650, maybe? Selling $400.

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Definitely so far. Some @SolidSnake03 deals definitely give this a run for its money. Sadly not been quick enough for either.

Whoever got the Jonas got a great deal as well. If the new owners of either decide to move on let me know
Yeah I’m impressed by these deals for sure! These are outstanding deals!!