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SOLD "The Perfect Watanabe Gyuto", 250mm, iron clad Blue 2

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Yup, I used quotations again.

Herein is the sales post for "The Perfect Watanabe Gyuto". It's a special knife from Sin, made for me in Blue 2 with iron clad. Knife is 4 months old, and I am the only owner. It was a custom project he worked on with me. I purchased the knife without a handle, then had Alex Horn (the Forged In Fire winner, formerly of Carter Cutlery) put a custom two-tone maple burl handle, octagonal, with simple black spacer. Then I had Alex take the bevels up, and put a suble convex grind on it, moving it from a very small bevel to a wide bevel. Do check out that choil shot. This things FLIES through food. After Alex put the grind on it, I finished the knife on a JNS 1k stone, so it's set up zero bevel edge for someone to put a final edge on, and is ready for that amazing kasumi finish I know some of you like (@Matt Zilliox). This has some beautiful lines and waves where the core steel is coming through now. Truly one of a kind from what I've seen from Watanabe (or Toyanabe?) and to be clear, this is definitely a WH knife.

Specs are as follows:
KU iron clad Blue 2Custom Alex Horn octagonal from stabilized Maple Burl, black G10 spacer347 gramsHeel at 59mmBlade at 250mmOAL at 411mm

I've got $560 into the blade, $165 into the handle, and $60 into the blade work. So it's an expensive piece that I have $785 into it, and am going to ask $700 CONUS and $775 Int'l. As it stands right now, after the 1k polish I put on it, it's not touched food. You get your chance to put a final edge on via micro-bevel and let the patina rip.

Ping me with questions. Thanks!
Thank God this SOLD. I was really tempted to spend money I didn't have.