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Just shutup n' grabbit!
Oct 16, 2019
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I think I’m in love

With the knives lady

Tonight out of the blue

She bought a Silver Sukenari

And straight like a dove

She kept being busy

The sliver in my heart in cue

She added an SG2 petty.

With a new side of Maple ready

I asked: “Why bother already?”

As out the fridge she pelted greens

“Didn’t we just order something?”

Yet her reply came unsurprising

As it just dawned on me

This wasn’t just a fling

In a same voice we topped a many “t”:

“(I / You)… jusT wanT To cuT someThing”.

Of course her knives she didn’t so soon get

She hadn’t even ordered yet to be honest

At that moment it was with some of mine

By her side for about a week’s time

(Or so little it would seem in my mind;

Among which a Sukenari HAP of the same type

To that she later went to order with ripe…)

That she went to cut in a spree downright scary

Yet where I stood the grounds were taken from me.

And as she unabashedly nicked her finger

I wished for her to be besides me forever.
Boooooooooo liars!
If you ever use my words

To catch a lady... or to mess with me.