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Bryan G.

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Mar 5, 2011
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So after a fire, basically homeless, working to get a menu changed at work that hadn't been changed in 10 years (or more) along with non-existent standards, getting into a new home only to be infested with roaches and having to move again, along with a slew of other issues I think it's ok to treat myself to something nice.

270mm Suji ... Thinking White steel ... Blue or high grade virgin. Really want to give Dave some business and get another western handle from him. Thanks to my buddy Salar I have had some good use of a Kono HD 270 gyuto. Great knife and steel but made me realize my next knife is going to be carbon. And also I want something a little more "all around" and less laser. So something thin, but not too thin. My Kanemasa 270 Suji is still my most used knife despite some higher priced and quality steel in my bag. If you guys have some suggestions let me know. Like I said, western handle from Dave is my thinking so if stock handle doesn't need to be good. More concerned with the blade and profile.

Jon B if you read this and have anything in mind shoot me an email or something brother. I am trying not to get TOO crazy on price (no 600$ +) but hell, I have some bday cash and some tax return set aside and think I deserve something nice :)

Still waiting on Version for my internet, you'd think they had to lay the fios but it's already hooked up from last tenant!

Dang Bryan, I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation...hang in there man.

So you want western handled only? I can't think of any yo-handled sujis that fit the bill here with those characteristics? At first, I was going to suggest the 270 Masamoto KS suji (only the 240 is listed on JCK site, but Koki can get it) before I read the handle requirement. Do they even make a suji in Blue or AS that isn't a kurouchi finish with wa handle? (besides maybe Murray Carter)

I'll agree with David to contact Pierre, especially if you like a flat profile. I'm really digging the picture posted of it in the "gyuto or suji" thread.

I believe Jon Broida at Japanese Knife Imports can get you a western handled Ashi or Konosuke Suji in carbon steel. I was looking for a high quality carbon western handled gyuto and Jon explained that Konosuke offers western handles for their knives and Ashi has a white #2 carbon line of western handled knives. The prices are also similar to the wa handled versions so they'll most likely be in your price range. Send him a message - Jon is usually really quick about responding to messages.