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WTS Tinned Copper Faitout Pot

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Dec 18, 2019
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Washington DC
Among my many niches that I have fallen down the rabbit hole is my love of cooking with vintage tinned copper.

I picked this up a little while back but it actually overlaps with another vintage mauviel faitout that I purchased and have been using.

It is made by fabrication francaise and it approximately 2mm thick. The tin coating shows minimal signs of use and is ready to be put to work in your kitchen.

This pot is 28cm wide and 13cm tall and has a beautiful matching lid. It is what I would consider as new old stock as in phenomenal condition inside and out. It has very nice riveted cast iron handles.

This is a serious piece of equipment weighing in at just shy of 9 lbs. there are no dents, dings or damage, just some light surface marks from cleaning.

This would make a great addition to your kitchen as a working tool or as a stylish piece to sit on the hob.

Due its weight, please reach out to me for a shipping quote. $420 obo $400 and I will split shipping 50/50
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