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SOLD Tyler reluctantly sells a rare Catchy Damascus Gyuto***PRICED TO SELL TODAYYYYY

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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hello my friends!

I really don’t want to sell this guy and I am definitely going to regret it, but I am in need of funds asap so here we are.

Today I have for you a BRAND new, almost unused and in pristine condition:

Catcheside Damascus Clad Gyuto with hybrid western/wa two tone Cocobolo handle.

This is an absolutely stunning custom that was made for the great @julestools and he was kind enough to sell it to me brand new with a beautiful polish.

I have since used a knife once maybe twice and never even put a patina on it. so as I said, it is basically brand new.

This is not only sick/ rare because of the Dammy cladding, which Will almost never does…. But the profile, handle and taper are all absolutely top flight on this guy. Perfectly balanced, incredible performance and she is one hell of a looker😉

I paid 1k for it and I would love to recoup the same for this one of a kind beauty.

CONUS only please. I am not looking for trades on this one.

233 x 63, 258g of straight 🔥🔥🔥


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This is insane that this is still here. I have the third sister to this, and while I’m not sure of the core, I know it takes a wicked edge and the cladding is a wild amalgamation of iron he had (vintage cannon being one ingredient). FWIW, I paid about $1100 for mine before import tax. Worth every penny
Do you fancy sending this back to the UK
(obviously avoiding import charge as it was made here 😔)…….