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SOLD TYLER STILL NEEDS TO BUY A CAR SALE pt 2!! *High performance addition****PRICE DROPSSSS**

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Jan 17, 2022
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Nashville, TN
Hello friends!!

Every single one of these knives I still absolutely love…and in a perfect world I would keep all of them. They ALL also happen to be excellent performers. If anyone would like additional info/photos on any of these please just DM me…
Got some heavy hitters here so let’s get to it!
All prices are SHIPPED CONUS (INTL please message me to figure out shipping)

1. Masakage Koishi Aogami Super 240- $250 —$230!! I would say SPF?

This is a great knife. It was one of my first “real” Japanese knives and I honestly still love it just the same as I did then. Excellent cutting performance, sexy fit and finish, great size/profile, fantastic heat treatment of a fantastic steel… what’s not to love? I’ve had this knife for a long time, used it sparingly, cautiously and lovingly for quite a while and I’ve never had to do a full sharpening on it! It holds an edge forever. A few swipes on a higher grit stone every once in a while and it’s right back to screaming sharp.
If someone could only have one extremely solid knife to do it all, this would be an excellent candidate.
Knife is still in great shape, I Flitzed the patina on the cutting edge so the next person to love it can add their own 😊

2. Masakage Yuki Shirogami #2 Nakiri
$145 —SOLD!

This again is fantastic knife. Another forum member was talking about the Yuki line and said it best- you just can’t say a bad thing about it. This is a beautiful, simple but elegantly finished knife with probably my favorite Nakiri profile I’ve seen to date. It’s tall, it’s crazy thin BTE. Fit and finish is fantastic.. feels excellent in hand…gets crazy sharp with just a few quick swipes on a stone…this one even comes with a PERFECTLY fit saya… again, can’t say a bad thing about this one. Flitzed the patina off this guy as well. If you’re looking for a performance forward tall prep beast with a sleek Nashiji finish, at a great price, this is it.

3. Nigara Hamono SPG2 Tsuchime Kiritsuke- $300 —$280!! SOLD

This knife RIPS. It performs even better than it looks, which is truly saying something. For a Japanese powder steel knife, it has kind of a western maker feel in hand. Unique hammer pattern, super stiff spine with a little weight to it, then tapered very aggressively to stupid thin behind the edge. Forward balanced, a very straight profile and an insanely high performance tip. To be honest, I’ve never seen another knife/maker like this… it’s my second Nigara and definitely won’t be my last! I would recommend this to anyone who knows their way around a thin edge and/or someone looking for a powder stainless DESTROYER for work.
Knife is in excellent condition, just a few marks in the Kasumi finish from potatoes/sweet potatoes. Never sharpened.

4. Konosuke Sanjo SKD Tsuchime Nashiji KU 240 -$385—$365!!!

I absolutely love this knife. The finish is very unique and the Burnt Chestnut handle feel so damn good in hand but that’s nothing compared to how it performs! This one has such a nice steady taper to it both on the spine and in the grind. And the SKD-12 is a phenomenal steel… this knife cuts like nothing I’ve experienced before (If you don’t believe me watch the videos Tosho posted cutting a butternut squash with it). This thing moves through any ingredient in silence with ease. I also have the 180 petty of this knife and it’s one of my absolute favorites. Like I said I LOVE this knife, but it doesn’t get enough use… I want someone else to give it the love it deserves! Knife is in fantastic shape… just a few super light marks in the cladding from potatoes/sweet potatoes. Used very little and very carefully. Also never sharpened. Someone will be so so happy with this knife…

That’s it for now y’all… more to come! Think I may have found the truck I’m looking for today. Wish me luck.

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Wait. which truck is this, I'm rather excited for you! GLWS. that kono though....
Come on guys!!!!!. this is AWESOME deal, unfortunately i'm on waitlist for the mass drop. its a so near yet so far kind of situation but am still hopeful.

Congratulations on the new truck!! enjoy!