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SOLD Uchigumori - 1,699 grams

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Hey folks, I'm slimming down my stones since I'm mostly using my vitrified these days and not really polishing. While I hate to sell this I'm just not using it anymore. Someone needs to do polishing with this. This is a soft uchigumori, very clean and forgiving with high contrast but leaves a fine surface. It is fine enough for an elegant and contrasty clean kasumi but fast enough even on stainless. The clad stays hazy but the core is going to be finer in the semi-mirror direction. Sealed, no issues. 210mm x 80mm x 43mm, 1,699 grams per my scale.

Asking $1,700 delivered CONUS, $1,775 delivered Int'l. I might consider some trades for select knives, but would primarily want to find a DT stainless bubble dammy or perhaps a Catchside.

See photos of the stone below, both wet and dry.