Unbranded Tanaka Myojin B1 Gyutos from Kama-Asa

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Sep 23, 2022
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New York
I took a leap and ordered a pair of these 210 and 240 Gyutos direct from Kama-Asa.

They are forged by Tanaka and sharpened by Myojin. I believe they are essentially unbranded Fujiyama blades, with handles added by Kama-Asa... Or at least something similar to a fujiyama. (?)

They come with no engraving on the right side, and a stamp on the left that says "Blue Carbon Steel #1". They say they don't add their own engraving out of respect for those who actually did make it.

I have the option for them to engrave it but I'm thinking of leaving it blank. And this made me realize I don't even know what tradition is (and Google isn't helping at all). Does one side typically list the blacksmith and the other the sharpener? Would it be weird to ask them to try to out Tanaka-San snd/or Myojin-san on there?
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