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SOLD Wagyu renge stone

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Aug 29, 2018
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Hideriyama suita

982 g with base
~700 g without base
Base made of drywall compound
Base is much softer than stone, water soluble, and easily scraped off with stiff brush and water

200 x 65x 37

Grit around 7k

Most aggressive grit finisher I've used. Pops hairs shears into food. Very soft stone, almost like a soft aoto. Toxic lines I need to dig out completely that marr the iron when used to polish.

Absolutely wagyu with renge.

More pictures once I clean the stone up. Same finish different angles.

@Hassanbensober the edges on the knives are from this stone

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This price is borderline offensive. With just a little digging someone could have a stone that is excellent for polishing and gives tremendous edges. I’ll comfortably say this is the best stone buy on the forums right now. If I didn’t have something very similar already on the way I’d buy this at 2-3x this price.
Ehh polishing is great from this stone on the steel, great highlighting of core steel banding. On the iron it's streaky though still, mainly because its really fast and soft. It's soft enough to dig out without needing special tools but I'll go over it again and take more pics. One side is undercut