what's your most used knife ?

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Mar 4, 2011
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so i know you guys must have a lot of favorite kitchen knives. which one is your most often used one ? in my case it's 225mm custom kiritsuke gyutou made by watanabe. i just love the feel of this knife and the way it performs, takes a scary sharp and stay there for a very long time. Darkhoek also put a nice custom handle on it that makes me like it even more :smile1:. i use this knife like 80% of the time, so what's yours ?



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Right now it is a the Konosuke 240 gyuto at home, followed closely by a kikuichi elite carbon slicer (although I would really like it to be the Yoshikane Marukoyshi that Marko has). At work it is a 270 Carbonext, or a 240 Fujiwara fkh.
I mean, I would have to say my most used is my 240 gyuto but I use many knives quite often from pairing to petty to my santoku. At least 2 different knives a day if not more
in general a 240mm gyuto or 240mm sujihiki depending on what i am doing. my current 240 suji is a tadatsuna, but looking to change it up

for gyutos there is a pretty large rotation of knives that I try to use
Matt you sold me an powder steel gyoto that has become a favorite. It is shorter than a regular gyoto and I had it fixed up. No longer cooking professionally so the good stuff is packed away. I could care less if it gets messed up.

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Which one was that? The artisan? I was looking at the knives I currently have at work(taking them all home tonight for some sharpening fun) all carbon! I was a bit surprised, I would say a couple years ago my two most used knives were a blazen and artisan gyuto when i was a heavy in the shits line cook. Now I really just rotate through the knives I have and am not afraid to bring in the nice stuff at my current job/position.
Usually it's whatever knife I bought last :p So right now it's a Misono swedish 210 gyuto
Yes its the artisan. I bought it b/c it was messed up and so I wasn't worried about someone walking with it. It took me a long tome to get it right, but I feel like its between a gyuto and a suji now.
mizuno hontanren 270.

Ditto. Loved my Hiro AS, but when I got the CCK the Hiro started to stay in the drawer a lot... Got the Mizuno and the Hiro doesn't see the light of day anymore and the CCK has a serious case of jealousy.
It is a dead tie between my 300 Konosuke white#2 sujihiki & 210 Suisin Inox Honyaki petty...yet recently I've been using the Takeda kiritsuke for fun and really enjoying it again.

But I'm sure all this will change when my new Kono HD suji shows up :)
270mm Ichimonji TKC gyuto with a nenox choi regrind and a custom ironwood handle contoured shaped like the Hattori FH forum knife.
I'm currently outgrowing my Tojiro DP. It's a 210mm, which was more than adequate for sushi, but I have a new job and it's not perfection--making me want several different knives. Hopefully I won't be in food long enough for it to matter!
Sounds interesting, I would love to see what the artisan looks like these days.
My most used... overall, toss-up between my Takeda 270 gyuto & Takeda nakiri; next in line these past few weeks in particular would be a Tanaka 165 deba and a Masahiro 330 yanagi.
I probably use my Watanabe Pro petty most often. That's because I'm most often just making a sandwich (actually, I guess I do use my bread knife more or less as often) or something quick & easy. When I'm doing bigger jobs, my Takeda nakiri is the workhorse. That will probably change when the Shigefusa gyuto gets in.
The most used is my Hiromoto AS 240 semicustom by Dave. Its always within reach :)

My DT 240 semicustom Marko is however my fav atm
As much as I hate to admit it, the one I keep reaching for is my 210 Ryusen Tsuchime Damascus. I just love the way the thing feels in my hand.
270 Gyuto is my main knife. I use one 90% of the time and the other 10% is either a Honesuke or 285 Suji. The 2 gyutos I use most are use either a DT ITK 270 or a Nenox S1 Corian 270 with a slight edge going to the Nenox. My honesuke is a Tojiro DP and the suji is also a Nenox S1 Corian.
Split between Dave M-rehandled/ sharpened Hiro AS 240 gyuto and DT ITK 240 stainless wa-handle. Pierre Rodrigue 150 petty also gets quite a workout. For my wife, it's the Pierre R. paring knife; if I let her, she would probably carve a brisket or turkey with it :lol2:
Split between Dave M-rehandled/ sharpened Hiro AS 240 gyuto and DT ITK 240 stainless wa-handle. Pierre Rodrigue 150 petty also gets quite a workout. For my wife, it's the Pierre R. paring knife; if I let her, she would probably carve a brisket or turkey with it :lol2:
I know how that is!:rolleyes2:

Men want a knife as big as the food, women want a knife as small as their hands. What can you do.
i have my girlfriend using my 5.5inch Shun santoku, now. it's an improvement over her variety of paring knives. her mother cooks a lot, and it's all paring knives, including carving turkeys. i'll never get it.
Konosuke 270 HD gyuto followed closely by the Konosuke 210 blue 2 mioroshi deba
My most used knife is my Fujiwara FKH 210mm Gyuto. The primary reason I use this every day is because I am still not as proficient in sharpening as I would like to be so I would rather beat on this knife than my higher end blades.

CCK 1303, namely because I just got it.