Where can I find specs on a Masamoto KS 240mm wa-gyuto

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Mar 1, 2011
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I have searched and looked everywhere on the net to find out the dimensions and the weight of this knife and I've come up with zilch. I've read dozens of posts and I've not found one that indicates if it's a lightweight, a bruiser or something in between.

I guess I could take the easy way out and ask if anyone here knows. :confused:
Something in between. It's definitely not "thin thin" like Konosuke, but at the same it isn't exceptionally thick either. Personally, I find it the perfect balance between the two.

My 270, which is actually about 283 tip to heel, weighs just about 7 ounces. I don't have it with me right now to give you more exact specifications, sorry! Since you're looking at 240s, though, you can expect it to be 250 give or take.
The Masamoto KS is not a laser and not a hefty knife - it is something in between. The shape is very triangular (kanto-style). The fit and finish is perfect - no flaws what so ever. The handle is smooth and has the signature stamp at the end. The white II steel gets extremely sharp. I don't use mine for too heavy tasks because I think it feels a bit delicate. It feels very nimble in the hand. It is very much a slicer and allmost a hybrid of a sujihiki and a gyuto.

My 240 is:

Weight 162 grams (on kitchen scales)

Total lenght 405 mm

Blade lenght 266 mm

Tip to heel 252 mm

Height at spine 49 mm

Height half way up the blade 39 mm (125 mm from the tip)

Spine 2,9 mm (in front of the handle)

Spine 2,2 mm (half way up the blade).
I really appreciate the information, thanks guys for your help.