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me and Marek have been wondering the same. If any of the Chicago members has her contact please reach out. She has been MIA from the forum and IG

Aye! Quality posts and female voices are few and far between on this forum. Plus I always appreciate a fellow nakiri lover. I can kinda of imagine her Golum-style in a accountant's office somewhere whispering to her unicorn Yoshiaki Fujiwara damascus nakiri.
I’m not as active as I was a couple few years ago(a bit moreso lately), and it looks a little different around here, but still has the same spirit as a whole. Which is nice for a lot of reasons.

I’ll have to agree on the Bienek nod, learned a lot from that guy both through his posts and pm’s. He was a no nonsense kind of guy with a biting wit. We did a lot of shop talk and he gave me some good advice career wise. Also really miss Vertigo, guy had a very similar sense of humor to mine and always mixed things up a bit.

My one true love though will always be that little sweetie JohnnyChance. We’ve crashed at each others places, gotten too drunk to see straight, ate at each others restaurants, headbanged at shows together, and dealt with each other’s (now ex) crazy girlfriends. Helluva guy.
Reviving this thread in honor of Mr. Drinky’s sudden appearance.

Many of my “favorites” have posted in this thread or been named already, but here are a few more: EdipisReks, Stereo.Pete, Theory, Seth, Pensacola Tiger, Lefty, Oivind.
This thread really brings back memories.
I suddenly remember posts, discussions and how much I learned from when my knife-journey began.
One of my first interactions was when Fish explained the errors of using a green sponge to clean knives and why I should not cut frozen food with thin j-knives...

However I also realize how old I have become....

Big thanks to all of the oldtimers who contributed!
Just to keep the Bones rolling on this necro and nice thread

Im in doubt as there is so many I like for very different reasons. E.g. @Larrin and @Kippington as excellent contributers and nice people and the multitude og people ready to help with advice such as @Benuser.

My award goes to @Michi, he always make me in a Better mood with hos posts. He provides coziness and life and i love it. Thanks mate
Man, there are so many. I don't even know if I could narrow it down or choose. In general I feel that most of the members who fled knifeforums after the blowup kind of bonded those first couple of years as this site got up and running and content was being generated. With that said, I keep in touch and meet up with Salty, Mario, Justin0505, and Chuckles the most. Stereo.pete, Don Nguyen, Son, Brainsausage, WildBoar, Danny, Knyfeknerd...I've also met up with them and had great times.

And there are countless others I have learned from and interacted with on the forums over time. So many good people here.
A name I don't believe I saw mentioned would be Mark76 - really enjoyed his knife reviews & approach ... been a couple of years ... so many others have added a ton of info & fun to this sickness ... enabling is really such a wonderfull & fulfilling sport !!!
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Long time folks here may remember Bryan Gallager, always helpful, let me come to his kitchen and play with several knives before I made my first purchase.

Our paths have crossed again and I see him at catering functions a lot. Still a super nice guy, still a knife geek, but has kids and other life things going on.
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Jon Broida in my personal experience buying a Sujihiki he was patient and very informative. He actually tried to sell me a cheaper knife than the Kagekiyo that I got but I am totally satisfied with the phone conversations and with the knife that I had Jon sharpen. I would definitely buy from him again.
Awww such a hard question because everyone here is awesome. So....

Broida for being so damn helpful and knowledgeable.
Michi for sense of humor and seeming to be a genuinely nice guy.
Ditto for Carl Kotte ,
Larrin for all the interesting articles.
Hoss for the great perspective on smithing.
Chef Doom for... Chef Doom.
Osakajoe for his perspective on everything, and constantly making me want to go back to Japan again.
Everybody else for making this a great civil place to hang out without all the typical internet BS that usually occurs.
What interests me about this thread, is the generations/phases of personalities that have been mentioned. It clearly is a function of who remains active but there are some names being mentioned that I have never heard, some that I only see in historic posts and some that I see seldom. Nice to see some of the 'old' guard come out the wood work!

Just for being an all-round nice guy @Michi is my pick. Currently sitting up top with 1,430 'likes'... it seems the forum agrees!