WIP - End-Grain Cutting Board

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Marko Tsourkan

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Feb 28, 2011
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Completed this one today. Cherry, 15.6x23.25x2"
Will take better pictures when bring it home from the shop.



Thanks, guys. This one is out of the door, my next is two-tone.

Looking good Marko! Did you sort out your water problem in the shop?
Looking good Marko! Did you sort out your water problem in the shop?

Yes. I only got about 3/4" that day. One sump pump failed and that contributed greatly to the flooding and gave me a leverage to push the landlord to install 2 additional sump pumps. I ended up wiring my room with temperature and humidity sensors. It's all good now. :)

Good news. Water is a *****!

I can tolerate cold or heat, but not humidity and dampness.

When I moved it, I installed an industrial exhaust fan, which among other things (fumes from oil quenching, for example) is excellent at reducing humidity level.
Looking good man - still crossing my fingers for a second (but don't want to jinx good work) ;)
omg i need one of those boards man....

Am I not to make you one in May? I can also make one now, you know. And you get to visit my workshop. :)
Just kidding. May it is. Right now I am too busy with handles and sayas.


PS: I like those IM buttons in your profile. Very cool.

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