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Devin has John, Randy has Randy Jr., very promising next generation! Damascus is here to stay :)
Beautiful set, Marko. I know, this is absurd, but when I saw it, I thought "If you have that, you may not need any other gyuto"...

250mm Western Gyuto w/Saya. A2 steel, asymmetrically ground. Ziricote handle with brass guard and select poplar saya.







180mm nakiri in AEB-L with ziricote handle.




Hey mate, looks great, you have golden hands:)

Hehe, I wish they were golden, so I would not need to work, and would just do knives for fun...

Finished these today:

top is my gyuto in AEB-L and 240mm and the bottom is a re-handle. Both knives have two tone amboyna burl. The burl on Sakai Yusuke is from Dream Burls.




More stunning knives Marko! The handles are gorgeous....
usually i would say marko's secret lies in minimalist work. but those flashy amboyna handles are dropdead gorgeous!

I see them no different than my other handles - minimalist design, good contrast between handle, ferrule and the tip. :)

I don't think you will see me depart from that... Less is more, as far as I am concerned, plus, my main emphasis is on the functionality of the product, aesthetics is important, but is second to functionality...
Asymmetrically ground A2 gyuto 255mm on the edge. Handle, two tone select cocobolo and brass. Still needs a maker's mark and a final polish.




Marko is back!!! Good stuff as usual Marko, i really like two colours and the brass together

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Nice wood. Clearly your handle.

Thank you.

Once the handle is exposed to elements, it will become darker and will develop even more striking contrast.

And thanks for the patience folks.... These past several months have been hard on me and affected my productivity...

I have several other knives (older orders that I haven't shipped yet) that will be posted shortly.

Nice wood. Clearly your handle.


Thanks, Stefan -

yes, this handle (hidden tang with a radius on a guard and wood block) makes the most sense to me, in terms of being sanitary and in terms of managing natural wood movement. It's more labor intensive to produce than a full-tang (scales) handle, but I go with what makes more sense to me, and this type of handle has been a preference by some of the pros on this forum.

The shape has been clearly my favorite from other western handles that I tried and I also get good feedback from folks who have my western knives. At first, it might feel a little big, but soon you won't notice the size and realize that it is very easy on your hand.

So, thanks again for your patience. You will see more work from me soon.

Beautiful and gorgeous as always Marko :doublethumbsup:
Looks great glad to see you're doing alright
Great to see a Marko knife being put out, and this is the way to do it. One of my favorites, Marko! I'd love to try one of your westerns sometime. They look just about perfect.
Is that bottom one for Anton? Looks pretty slick.
Yes, it's in A2.. the handle hasn't been mounted yet, hence the "gap"

I need to mark them and do a final polish.