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WTB Workhorse gyuto (Marko, Wat ironclad, HVB, Shihan...), big nakiri/smallish cleaver

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Jun 6, 2019
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The other day I looked around at my collection and realized that I've got a handful of super smooth cutting midweight gyutos and nothing that brings the raw power. Maybe someone can help me remedy that? Not in a hurry, not too picky about condition.

Gyuto: ideally looking for something 240-255 edge length and decently tall at the heel but would consider 225 - 270s that check the right boxes. I know 'workhorse' is subjective but hoping for close to 1g per mm of blade length or heavier. Prefer a flatter profile. A non-exhaustive list of makers that come to mind:
  • Marko WH grind
  • Watoyama iron clad found one! Still looking for these others though...
  • HVB
  • Shihan
  • If you're desperate to get rid of it, I guess I might consider a Kipp WH or Kaiju... ;)
Nakiri/Cleaver: not interested in a Wat Pro, but very interested in a Toyama 210 or 180, or TF 195. More wide open in what I'd consider for cleavers, ideally looking for something 190-210mm with more heft than my CCK1303 but not a total monster--maybe 300-450g?

Could put up my Takada Suiboku blue 1 240 or maybe my Spåre MCX 230 as trade bait for the right knife.

Thanks y'all!
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Dec 27, 2021
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GLWT, my Shi.Han is still on its way to Canada…There is 2 Kemadi bulat in BST, maybe those could fit your criteria.