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SOLD Workhorse sales- Gesshin Ginga 220mm Large stainless cleaver, Shi.Han 240mm 52100 KU

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Dec 27, 2021
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Selling 2 of my workhorse knives, these are great knives, the Ginga is too large for my taste now so I rarely use it, for Shi.Han I like it very much so I decided to order a custom from him and selling this one to fund that. Both are sharpened once and in good condition, Shi.Han has some faint blue patina. $310 $300 for the cleaver and $530 $520 $500 [SOLD] for Shi.Han, shipping included for CONUS, I will cover the first $10 of shipping for international buyers. I am also selling Kobayashi Kei 240mm Gyuto for $250 if anyone's interested.
Ginga Claver:
Same as on JKI website
Handle Length: 114mm
Handle Height: 33.55mm
Handle Width: 20.02mm
Handle to Tip Length: 226mm
Heel to Tip Length: 223mm
Width of Spine at Middle: 2.36mm
Width of Spine 1cm from the Tip: 1.87mm
Width of Spine at Handle: 2.55mm
Width of Spine above Heel: 2.67mm
Blade Thickness 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge: 2.54mm
Blade Height at Heel: 108mm
Weight: 480g
Weight: 246.4g
Edge Length: 240mm
Width of Spine at Handle: 4.6mm
Width of Spine at Middle: 3.1mm
Width of Spine before the grind comes across the tip: 2.6mm

Some photos
WeChat Image_20220407153653.jpg
WeChat Image_20220407153649.jpg
WeChat Image_20220407153656.jpg
WeChat Image_20220407153705.jpg
WeChat Image_20220407153702.jpg
WeChat Image_20220407153710.jpg
WeChat Image_20220407153714.jpg
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