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WTS /WTT 1950s KC Seelbach 10.5in Solingen Carbon Steel Chef Knife

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Dec 28, 2020
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I got this knife from Bernal Cutlery about 1 week ago. My nicer knives were all Japanese, and I wanted to try a nice European knife, so I bought this knife. Unfortunately, the knife came with some issues, and I think that I prefer using Japanese knives.

When I received the knife, there were several sections of the edge that wouldn’t touch the cutting board near the heel and in the middle of the knife (concave sections of the profile or holes in the edge), the back 1/3 of the knife was completely dull and not sharpened with the rest of the blade, and the rest of the blade was not really sharp despite the description saying that it was sharpened (I don’t really care about out of the box sharpness, but it is still worth mentioning). I am not trying to write bad things about Bernal Cutlery. I am just describing how the knife came. The people at Bernal Cutlery were all very nice and very helpful, and I would happily buy from them again (I just might not buy one of their vintage knives again). I have used and sharpened this knife, so I don’t think that I could return it.

I fixed the profile, and it is now convex in shape with no holes in the profile. I will attach a video of me rocking the knife on a cutting board. The knife did lose some height at the heel, but I was able to keep all/most of the thinness in the front half of the knife. I also sharpened the knife. I didn’t do the greatest job sharpening, but it is decent. I wasn’t able to sharpen the first ~1.5in of the edge in front of the bolster without negatively affecting the profile again, so that ~1.5in section is still dull, but that is better than the >3in dull section from before. A small, thin piece of the handle cracked off on its first use after sharpening (pictured below), but this piece will be included if you would like to glue it back. The knife has some patina from use.

Now that that is out of the way, I will try to actually sell this knife. The knife feels good in the hand, and it feels quite manageable and comfortable to use, especially given its length and weight. This knife has incredible distal taper, and the tip gets quite thin. Because of this, horizontal cuts on onions go well (much better than I expected out of a big, heavy German knife). The heel and the section right in front of the heel are quite thick, like a cleaver (that is why the edge bevel gets so thick near the heel). The knife isn’t too reactive (like how iron cladding can be), but it is still carbon steel, so you still have to wipe it down occasionally, and you can get a nice patina with it. That is all that I can think of right now, but I will add stuff if I think of anything or if someone asks for more information. If I cannot sell this, I will probably thin it, especially near the heel.

Here are some specs (length/height/thickness measurements were taken with a ruler, so they are not super accurate):
Length: 265mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: 278g
Spine thickness at heel/1/2 way/1cm from tip: 5-5.5mm/2mm/I don’t know, it looks like .5mm

Price: $140 PayPal G&S shipped CONUS

Let me know if you have any questions or if you would be interested for a lower price.

If you want this and the Mutsumi Hinoura AS 240mm gyuto that I have listed, I can do $435 shipped.

For trades, I am mostly interested in 270mm gyutos and generally gyutos from 210mm-270mm, but let me know what you want to trade.



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The package deal with the Mutsumi Hinoura 240mm AS gyuto is now $435.
Price drop to $160 shipped CONUS. Let me know if you are interested for a lower price.

Someone better pick this up before I become overconfident in my sharpening abilities and accidentally ruin the knife while trying to thin it.

The package deal with the Mutsumi Hinoura AS 240mm gyuto is now $420 shipped.
Price drop to $140 shipped CONUS.

This will probably be my last price drop before I thin this knife and keep it as my big beater.

The package deal with the Mutsumi Hinoura AS 240mm gyuto is now $390.