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WTB /wtt for halcyon forge

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Feb 12, 2020
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Salt Lake City, Utah
Looking for a halcyon forge. Ideally one around 240mm blade length and 53mm+ at the heel. Looking to spend about 800-850 or a trade for my 260mm edge, 54mm at the heel, 5.5mm out of the handle, and about 260 grams 9nine gyuto. Wrought iron clad, bog oak handle, 1.2519 core. The 9nine just got thinned out and has really nice convexing with a bit of nail flexI recently got to try a halcyon and I’m obsessed (more than I already was). Show me what you got!

Here’s pics of when I first received the 9nine. Will upload current pics within the day. Thanks kkf!