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WTS /WTT Takada no Hamono Suiboku blue #1 240mm, A.G. Klint 185mm gyutos

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Jun 6, 2019
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Two great knives I'm not reaching for much these days. Mostly looking for cash but will consider trades--western makers generally, cool cleavers, anything in my WTB post. Prices include US shipping, happy to sell to Canadians for a little extra to cover additional shipping.

Takada no Hamono Suiboku blue #1 240mm gyuto SOLD
225mm edge, 49.5mm heel height, 148g. Magnolia/horn handle. Great lightweight convex grind with Y Tanaka blue 1 and a cool finish. Picked up here in a trade, think I'm the third owner, selling because it's too light for me. I think the grind could work for a lefty, but it has quite righty biased choil easing. Touched up once by me at 6k. Lots of additional info and pics at my review here: Two Sakai Blues: Konosuke MM and Takada no Hamono Suiboku Reviewed

Current patina and blade condition below. Asking $435 shipped.

A.G Klint 185mm gyuto in 14c28n
185mm edge, 47mm heel, 148g. Handle is a lovely hidden tang western in birch burl with a hammered brass endcap. Got this direct from Aidan in my search for the perfect small gyuto. It hits so many boxes and is a great cutter but the high tip (kinda Masashi-esque) doesn't work for me. This one has a pretty excellent high grind, kinda reminiscent of Yoshi but with a touch of convexity. Beefy spine with some serious taper in the last 4-5cm, from >4mm at the heel to ~0.75mm at 10mm from tip. Touched up once on a SP2k. If this is your profile it's an awesome blade for the price.

Pics below. I paid approximately $280 new and am asking $250 $235 $220 shipped.



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