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WTT Xerxes Primus I

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Jul 27, 2020
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Looking for the Tsukasa 240mm gyuto in White 1 from JCK - or any other 240mm+ gyuto or 180mm nakiri from Tsukasa-san really.
+/- cash if it's the prelaminated stuff or patterned dammy
Kiyoshi Kato, Shigs are also welcome.

Not particularly keen on selling unless you'd like to offer me enough to buy a Tsukasa outright 😜

230mm x 50mm (I believe the 230mm is the largest size that was made but feel free to correct)

Handle in Bog Oak and Copper


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What's the trade value ?

idk, trade value is maybe $1200-$1400, so around $400 to $600 less than a Tsukasa?
in full disclosure, that is less than what I paid

it's an older knife, so comparing older prices...

the hinoura white 1 240mm gyuto was $520
Here is a shigefusa kasumi wa gyuto for $460.
i'd be down to trade for either...
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The BST rule quantify a price in instances like this feels a little silly to me. NKW is just trying to trade one flavor of hard to get and/or out of production knife for another. 5-10 years ago these were all around the same price and all have risen since - if you see them at all (well, we see a lot of shigs I guess).

GLWT! Im sure at some point someone will find an old hinoura white 1 in a closet and rather have a Xerxes
Sry, this was no offence!

I am just happy of your point of view, because it is objektive why a no more available knife like the Xerxes Primus should not be more expensive as an similar priced Japanese one, that is also no available any more.