yay my new knife :)

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Feb 28, 2011
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im super psyced about this awesome new knife. This thing is incredable


I love my Carter,one of my favorite knives.That is one sweet looking knife.SPECS please.
I love Murray and his knives! :D
Very nice!
Looks like a damascus IP series paring knife. He usually doesn't do the full "bolster" (not sure what to call the way the heel on this knife is, where the edge runs into unground stock?) on his kitchen knives, but maybe he has to on a knife this narrow.

EDIT: I really like the way Carter is doing his IP series handles now. Very unique style and very cool.
A carter with a good handle, very nice. Grats on your new acquisition.
I am a little confused here. Is this a paring or a hunting knife (or a fighter to be more precise)? Looks to me like the latter if one is to judge it by its geometry. If it is a paring knife, then what makes it a paring knife? Spine, bevels all point to a hunting knife. Am I the only one seeing this?
The only thing that makes me think it is a paring knife is the handle. It's the same handle he uses on his IP kitchen knives, not anything like the handles he uses on his outdoor/fighting/hunting/neck knives.... The geometry of the blade looks like a custom paring knife to me, more in the tradition of a German or French knife than Japanese.
muhaha just wait till those apples get a hold of me now... This is going to replace my Sakai Takayuki. I don't know if its any 'traditional' type of knife.. Seriously though I never thought of it as a fighter but the tip sort of has that style.. I like that idea though :) More details to follow, Murray sent me these actually the knifes in the mail. I really dig the copper brass G-10 laminate he put on the bolster
.... The geometry of the blade looks like a custom paring knife to me, more in the tradition of a German or French knife than Japanese.

I think it's the opposite - the profile is that of a paring, but geometry of a fighter. The handle and no guard is what makes it look like a kitchen knife.
Anyway, beautiful knife nevertheless.

You are absolutely right, Marko. I spoke loosely and without thought. Yes, the profile is paring, and the geometry is... interesting. Does it have a swedge in the spine? It's a really cool knife, none-the-less.
It's amazing what Murray can make when he actually gives a crap!
Nice to see a fully finished Murray Carter, for sure!
Weight: 88g
Overall Length: 8¼"
Blade Length: 4.16"
Damascus: Pure Nickel, 1025, Gokunan-tetsu and Hitachi White Steel #2 as the core.
Handles: Ironwood with red liners, silver nickel pins, center mosaic pin
Bolster: Brass, Copper, G10 Laminate
Rockwell: Since all of Murray's knives are heat treated by hand this is difficult to say, Murray said it was around 63 HRC

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