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    Any KS style Mizuno reviews?

    I was wondering the same thing. Even though I'm out of the game, my interest was piqued when I saw the e-mail from JCK. Considering I'm a big Mizuno and suminigashi fan the prospect of a 270 tempted me. The suminigashi version is a loose translation of KS style. Which isn't a bad thing. The...
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    YouTube Knuckleheads

  3. Salty dog

    Salty’s Strop?

    If you set the strop up with the surfaces that fit your needs or wants it works well. Who is to say what your wants and needs are? It worked well for me for many reasons. “Opinions are like azzholes, everyone has one but they think each others stink.” I'm reminded why I don't participate...
  4. Salty dog

    Salty’s Strop?

    I almost cringe when people bring up my videos. To put them in context you have to consider they were made when the kitchen knife world was just emerging and there weren't so many "experts". Most if not all were made at 2:00 am after waking and baking all day and drinking vodka for the last 12...
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    What is your favorite knife?

    Actually, you are correct. I looked to see what it was and didn't notice there were several steel types. It is the AS version. I just can't keep my shiz straight.
  6. Salty dog

    What is your favorite knife?

    All three are good. Yes, I've owned knives that are better in each category but this knife does well in each. I have the ebony handle which I feel improves the knife. It's also realistically priced. My favorite aspects of the knife are the ease of maintenance and it holds and edge. I still...
  7. Salty dog

    What is your favorite knife?

    At work it's the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan ZDP-189 Wa Series Wa Gyuto (240). It's also the last knife I purchased for myself. I've noticed they're sold out. They must be somewhat popular. I've taken my old favorites home.
  8. Salty dog

    At what point would you be satisfied with your collection.

    I understand the collector thing but for me it started out as knives for work, then it was about curiosity, then it was an ego thing. Eventually I found myself cooking less, my curiosity was satisfied and realized I didn't need to prove anything. I sold my most expensive knives (Except one.) and...
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    Left Handed Kramer Meiji

    I don't know if Mr. Kramer is still pissed at me but he shouldn't be. Personally I wouldn't recommend a pre-Salty Kramer. I hope this doesn't sound douchey.
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    What Really is so “special” about the $300-3000+ knives!?!

    The knife "dropping/throwing" was kind of a signature. Much like dropping the mic. Not to mention I've never been known to baby them. You should see my knife drawers, you'd really cringe.
  11. Salty dog

    What Really is so “special” about the $300-3000+ knives!?!

    FWIW the best performers on this test were the most expensive. But that's just part of the equation.
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    Why do people think knives are worth so much used ?

    Where is that clapping emoji thingy.
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    Flipper alert

    Yep, if the members want to be stupid let them be stupid. Or, if you want to screw the members screw the members. Good ole capitalism right?
  14. Salty dog

    Knife purchases... when drunk.

    Probably 90% of them. Along with a bunch of other stuff I never needed. (A long expensive list.) Live and learn.
  15. Salty dog

    Functionality of 360mm+ slicers(sujihki and yanagi/takohiki/fuguhiki/other sytles of yanagi)

    I used to use my 390 yanagi for prime rib. (Among other things.) It's nice to just make one draw with the knife. I no longer use it. They don't make them anymore and is now considered a collector's knife.