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  1. OwlWoodworks

    SOLD Jiro 240 Yo Gyuto #406

    Good morning, After one heck of a BST post yesterday, I am back with the next knife I am looking to part ways with. I will once again be selling this knife for what I believe is market value, because that is the way I like to do business. However unlike last time, I will be showing that I also...
  2. J

    Comparison of 240mm laser gyutos

    I'm looking to buy a 240mm laser gyuto, and the three that have risen to the top are: Kobayashi SG2 Gyuto ($300) Shibata Kashima R2 ($250) Konosuke HD2 ($340) The specs on these are relatively similar, the Kobayashi is the heaviest at 166g, the Shibata is lightest at 152, and all have similar...
  3. C

    SOLD Yoshikazu Ikeda Mount Fuji honyaki

    I want to sell this new Yoshikazu Ikeda Mount Fuji honyaki mirror polish. 240mm gyuto Sharpener: Shotaro Nomura Specs: 240 mm 50.5 mm High 232g White 3 Handle: octagonal ebony with blonde horn ferrule IMPORTANT! I have never used this knife. I bought it from new. BUT my knifemagnet have...
  4. N

    Help me design my first knife

    My wife is buying me my first nice knife. I've had the same Victorinox 8"chef knife for the past 12 years. I spent the past week learning a ton about Japanese knife types, grinds, steels, how to use and care for them, etc. I really want something with a bog oak handle. In my search I stumbled...
  5. S

    WTS - EU Sakai Kanechika Gyuto 240mm Honyaki (EU)

    - Forged by Kenji Togashi and sharpened by Master Keichii Fujii in Sakai, Japan - White 2 / Shirogami carbon steel, a HRC at 64-65 and weighs 265g 💪🏼 - Just god back from a spa treatment at Steffen Bach (SubaKnives.com) who have been working in the sharpening shop alongside Master Keichii...
  6. ahhactive

    WTS Different iterations of Blue#1 Yoshikazu Tanaka for sale

    Wife made an ultimatum, either the knife collection get out or the wife gets out. Wanted the wife to get out, but we had a big scuffle. Thus these 7 blades are up for sale, from left to right: Item Heel height(mm) Spine thickness(mm) Price(Aud$) Condition 1.Kagekiyo blue #1 etched 240...
  7. Se1ryu

    SOLD Yoshikane SKD Gyuto 240mm NIB Australia

    BNIB Yoshikane SKD Nashiji 240mm Gyuto (Hatsukokoro) Brand new. I purchased the knife last month intended for use in a professional kitchen. Now I'm in Australia because my wife works for the embassy so I probably won't be working in a professional kitchen for the next 2-4 years. PRICE...