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SOLD Yoshikane SKD Gyuto 240mm NIB Australia

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May 12, 2022
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ACT, Australia
BNIB Yoshikane SKD Nashiji 240mm Gyuto (Hatsukokoro) Brand new. I purchased the knife last month intended for use in a professional kitchen. Now I'm in Australia because my wife works for the embassy so I probably won't be working in a professional kitchen for the next 2-4 years.

$475.00 AUD/ $300 USD. PRICE DROP $460 AUD/ $300 USD. $445 AUD Shipped to Australia (price includes PayPal G&S fee, Shipping & Handling)

More discount for local pick up at Pearce ACT (Canberra, Australia)

Other countries please PM.

Construction: San mai
Blade material: SKD12/ A2 semi stainless with stainless cladding.
Finish: Nashiji
HRC: 63
Spine thickness:
4,1mm next to the ferrule
3,6mmmm above the heel
2,5mm on the Hatsukokoro kanji
1,6mm 5cm from the tip
0,2mm at the tip

Blade height: 48mm
Edge length: 242mm
Blade length: 265mm (Out of the handle to the tip)
Handle material: Teak with black horn ferrule.


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Great looking knife mate, I was talking to someone about putting a patina on the SKD steel and the steel turns out a lot more reactive than I thought it is, it turned to a navy colour after soaking in Moccona overnight.
Great knife and very nice handle... where is the balance point? Never tried a teak handle
Teak wood is a hardwood and particularly valued for its durability and water resistance. It also doesn't feel slippery and retain grip very well when wet.
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Last price drop $460 AUD shipped to Australian address. Price includes PayPal fee G&S. $450 AUD F&F
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Black Friday price drop $445 AUD/ $300 USD. Includes PayPal G&S fee & shipping to Australian address. Other countries please PM. Local pick up get more discount (Pearce, ACT area). AUD $435 for PP F&F.

Japanese Knives price is going up, I see Yoshikane SKD Nashiji 240 Gyuto for $559 AUD right now. Anyone who wants to try Yoshi, this is the perfect time.


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Holy cr@p I wish I wasn’t in selling mode, this is a steal. My 210 SKD cuts as well as anything I own. Fantastic steel, love it. GLWS!
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