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  1. J

    New sujihiki

    Hi experts of KKF! Looking for my first sujihiki after some sage advice from KKF earlier in the year. I have some longer gyutos (270mm - 300mm) so I’d be looking for something distinguishable in performance (presumably different profile, low height to reduce drag etc.). LOCATION What country...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 185mm Apex Ultra/Low Carbon Clad Gyuto

    Hello All, I'm not sure I've seen any low carbon clad Apex Ultra as of yet, so this blade might be a bit unique, perhaps not. It's a smaller piece of a march larger billet I rolled to get a sense of how thin I can roll my cores with my setup. The core on this blade measures .4mm thick, or...
  3. myguidingmoonlight

    SOLD Toyama Iron Clad

    Letting this beauty of a blade go, I haven't been reaching for it much lately, and a knife like this should have a good home. My Stainless Clad Toyama 240 has it beat in everything except that it can't produce the beautiful kasumi and patina of this 210 iron clad. I removed the old JNS handle...
  4. tylerleach

    SOLD BNIB TANAKA DAMASCUS 240 B#1- Priced to sell!!

    Hello everyone, Really really sad to see this one go… I am looking to sell my absolutely gorgeous Tanaka Kyuzo Damascus B#1 240 with Spalted Maple handle and blonde buffalo horn ferrule. Soft iron Damascus cladding. Everything about this knife is spectacular… the fit and finish is top flight...