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  1. K

    WTS Spring Clean up- Kono FM 210mm & 240mm, Merion Forge San Mai Kurouchi gyuto

    Hey all, I've decided to let go of my other Kono FM's. Both are brand new in box, 210mm and 240mm Both are White #1 with Black Ebony black buffalo horn handle. This is the OG Konosuke FM before Myojin was comfortable with having his name revealed to the Public, that is why there is no "Fuji...
  2. bshampton117

    SOLD KONOSUKE HD2 240mm Gyuto Ebony handle

    Used twice in a home kitchen. Laser for sure. Beautiful fit and finish, as one expects from Konosuke. Very light. Purchased from Chef Knives To Go, November 2023. Construction: Mono Steel, Laser Cut Steel: HD2 Height above heel: 48.3mm Spine thickness at heel: 2.3mm Spine at middle of blade...
  3. J

    Bought Y. Tanaka B1

    Hello knife enthusiast community! I am hoping to acquire a thinly ground (and light <180g) Y. Tanaka B1 240mm+ gyuto, with a slight preference for iron clad over stainless. I am opening up to different grinds, heights and styles (usually prefer flat and convex but am open to an especially thin...
  4. J

    Comparison of 240mm laser gyutos

    I'm looking to buy a 240mm laser gyuto, and the three that have risen to the top are: Kobayashi SG2 Gyuto ($300) Shibata Kashima R2 ($250) Konosuke HD2 ($340) The specs on these are relatively similar, the Kobayashi is the heaviest at 166g, the Shibata is lightest at 152, and all have similar...
  5. Rocco

    WTB - EU Konosuke Fujiyama 240mm, B1

    Hey Guys, I as many others are looking for a Konosuke Fujiyama 240mm blue one. Best if the seller is from the EU, but if the price is right I could consider a purchase from elsware. A FM could be an Idea ;) . I'm buying this knife because of its history.
  6. C

    WTB Konosuke fm + Hado

    Hello KKF. Im trying to help a friend to find a 240 or 255 Konosuke fm fujiyama in any steel. New or used :) For myself im searching for a hado 240 Damaskus. bought! Im Living in Denmark so seller must be willing to ship to EU. Thanks for watching
  7. C

    Bought Konosuke fm fujiyama

    Hello. Im searching for Konosuke fm fujiyamas. Dream Would be 240mm but interrested in any size gyutos! Located in Denmark (EU) Reach out if you have something please 🤩 Thanks
  8. dehory

    SOLD Konosuke FM Damascus B1 240, Jiro 225, Takada No Hamono Suiboku B2 240, Kono FM W2 150, Kato STD 240

    Knives have been traded and sold (see table below). The Kato STD has been withdrawn for now. Thank you to everyone who made such generous trade offers. I’d like to trade one or more of the following and primarily looking for: Kippington 210-270 in any steel or grind — lightly used 240ish...
  9. D

    SOLD Fujiyama Petty 150mm

    Hi KKF, Im selling a BNIB Konosuke Fujiyama Petty. I bought the knife in 2021 and have never used it. Specs are 141 x 24 mm 74g White 2 steel Khii Ebony handle 400 USD shipped Some pics below, and more in this shared folder...
  10. L

    WTS Konosuke 240mm Damascus slicer

    Selling my Konosuke VG-10 steel 240mm slicer! It’s been sharpened a hand full of times and never chipped or miss treated! Comes with original/Konosuke handle and saya! $500 CAD + shipping! Price is negotiable also.
  11. rasmusmadsen

    WTB Let me buy your Jiros

    Hello KKF, I am looking for new gyutos. I'm primarily looking for a Jiro gyuto around 210-240mm. (Both WA and Yo) Otherwise I would like to buy Konosuke FM.
  12. Chefc

    WTB Looking for a hitohira tanaka or konosuke Fujiyama knife

    The newest the better ! I love tanakas stuff so anyone who has anything I may be interested in please let me see! Gyuto/ sujihiki or anything really Thanks
  13. Valdemontano

    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama 240 or 255

    Hello all. I have been lurking for some time and finally decided to make a profile after I saw some WTB and WTS posts about Konosuke knives. I have been looking for a Fujiyama for so long (like many others) and just missed the 2nd April drop on cktg... This is my first real post so forgive me...
  14. OwlWoodworks

    Bought Kaiju - $1,800

    Well the time has come that I make my offer. I am willing to pay $2,000 for an unused or lightly used B1 Kaiju. I am of course interested in Kaiju’s in other steels, but my offer will be less depending on steel and condition. I am aware of what these knives sell for, and I am aware this is an...
  15. K

    WTB MM,FM,FT fujiyama Konosuke

    Putting feelers out for a Vintage swedish carbon, MM, FT or FM. Mainly looking for 210mm up to 270mm gyuto but also interested in sujihikis or pettys if the price is right Cheers
  16. Valdemontano

    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama 240 or 255

    Hello all. I have been lurking for some time and finally decided to make a profile after I saw some WTB and WTS posts about Konosuke knives. I have been looking for a Fujiyama for so long and just missed to 2nd April drop on cktg... This is my first real post so forgive me if I'm missing anything
  17. BoostedGT

    Withdrawn Konosuke Fujiyama Single Bevel Collection - Sakimaru, Yanagiba, Mukimono, Mioroshi Deba

    Want to sell my Konosuke Fujiyama single bevel collection, all of these knives are Brand New, comes with box, I got Saya for the Deba and for the Yanagibas but not for the mukimono. Forged by Mr. Tanaka and Sharpened by Mr. Morihiro Konosuke Fujiyama Yanagiba 300mm Blue #1 with Khii Ebony...
  18. cantdecidewhichone

    Withdrawn Konosuke Fujiyama FM 240mm Gyuto in Blue #1 with Ebony Handle

    A very lightly used Konosuke Fujiyama FM 240mm Gyuto in Blue #1 with Ebony handle. Withdrawn. 230mm x 49mm Weight 178g Shipped in original box Light patina from use Thanks for looking!
  19. L

    SOLD **PRICE DROP** Konosuke knife sale

    Selling my Konosuke HD2 240mm gyuto with custom taihei rosewood handle. Purchase 5 months ago brand new. Has been been taken out of my roll 10 times and light used for vegetable work. $450 CAD. Buyer pays for shipping. konosuke with western handle not for sale. Just for your enjoyment.