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  1. J

    Withdrawn Yanick >240mm

    Looking to buy a Yanick gyuto, preferably BnIB and >240mm x 56mm. Would certainly consider one that has been lightly used. I’m open to any profile, including the one with a flatter profile. Please feel free to DM me if you have one that you’d like to sell or trade. I know that I’m pretty far...
  2. J

    WTB Simon Maillet Wrought

    Hey all - breaking away from my compendium western maker's post, which is getting convoluted and confusing, and difficult to update. Looking for a Simon Maillet gyuto or petty, particularly his recent work. After a wrought-clad, ku finished (black, not just brushed forge finish) blade with...
  3. BoostedGT

    SOLD BNIB Watanabe KU Gyuto Beasts 240mm and 270mm

    For Sale 2 brand new Kurouchi Watanabe Gyutos bought directly from Shinichi Watanabe around 2019, both knives are brand new in box. Both knives are Iron Clad with Blue #2 core. The 270 Specs: Height 59mm Thick 4.5mm at heel Weight 301gr Handle: D-shaped in ho wood with black buffalo horn...
  4. rgar4012

    Petty Shootout

    Edit to clarify: The prices listed in the headings are the price I paid and a stat I consider useful (might try to go back and add purchase dates if I can sort that out). I will be selling some of these knives later, and will probably link back to my thoughts here, but this is not a for-sale...
  5. B

    WTS 1 Suji 1 Petty

    Hi guys :) Looking to sell the two below as a bundle preferably, both knives have been used 2-3 times. Looking to get $800 USD including shipping and fees. Thanks :) 1. Takada no hamono ginsan suiboku sujihiki 270mm Weight: 155 gr Measurement: 275 x 40 2. Moriheri Kurouchi fine finish 135 mm...
  6. Choppin

    Kurouchi suji - any benefits?

    Are there any practical benefits in a suji with kurouchi finish, compared to a polished / migaki finish? In regard to food sticktion / stickage, food release, etc? I'm looking for a 240 or 270 suji to use on raw and cooked protein, as a pure slicer. One of the options is a Heiji direct. I was...
  7. Y

    kato KU question

    Hello! I'm very curious about how kato's knife is oxidized black, using bluing solutions will get an all black oxide layer, but his kitchen knife has a lot of oxide layer peeling off
  8. David M

    Withdrawn Shigefusa Kurouchi 165mm Wa Nakiri - Withdrawn

    Lightly used Shig KU Nakiri. The WU finish has some scuffing from the block. Light patina. Never sharpened. US$350 shipped to continental US.