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  1. J

    Withdrawn Kawachi Kasumi or Mazaki 180mm Petty

    Hi everyone! Would love to buy a Kawachi W2 or a Mazaki W2 kasumi 180mm petty, and happy to buy used. Please reach out if you have one that you’d like to sell! Edit: added Mazaki as an option. Same size and steel.
  2. J

    Western maker petty

    Are there any western smiths, who you would recommend, who could / would make a wa handle petty knife for a modest (sub-350aud) price (happy to supply own handle if necessary to bring down the price)? Not looking for anything too flashy - just full carbon (open to steels) and even grind with...
  3. I

    WTS (Price down) Yoshishiro Yauji petty 150 carbon

    Yoshihiro Yauji 150 mm blue 1 steel single bevel Asking 300usd negotiable to some extent
  4. J

    Withdrawn Carbon petty (used) - Aus/NZ

    Have seen some excellent petty knives around lately but many are BnIB or not in AUS / NZ. The cost of shipping makes the transaction unviable in the latter case. Looking for something in full carbon, around 150mm, 30-35mm tall (ie not a taller one with more knuckle clearance for board work). I...
  5. D

    SOLD Fujiyama Petty 150mm

    Hi KKF, Im selling a BNIB Konosuke Fujiyama Petty. I bought the knife in 2021 and have never used it. Specs are 141 x 24 mm 74g White 2 steel Khii Ebony handle 400 USD shipped Some pics below, and more in this shared folder...
  6. rgar4012

    Petty Shootout

    Edit to clarify: The prices listed in the headings are the price I paid and a stat I consider useful (might try to go back and add purchase dates if I can sort that out). I will be selling some of these knives later, and will probably link back to my thoughts here, but this is not a for-sale...
  7. breadcrumb

    SOLD Mutsumi Hinoura - Paring / Petty Knife (85mm) [Used] | Price Drop

    Hi! I'm selling my M. Hinoura Paring Knife (Petty). It's been cared for and used a few times for some tomato ninja activities. Comes with a custom-fitted Saya / Sheath from Epicurean Edge, as well, in its original box. Selling for: $200.00 MSRP: $315.00 + WA Tax - Purchased from Epicurean Edge...
  8. A

    Birthday Present to Me

    Hi All- Was in the market for a Petty. Had this one made by Justin, owner of Running Man Forge. It is a 5.5" petty in Blue #2. Just got it on Friday, and only had a chance to make a small meal with it, but this thing feels great in the hand and cuts like a razor. Take care, Ben
  9. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 200mm CPM-D2 Petty

    Hello all, It's been a few weeks since I posted the last petties, so I thought it was time I get around to adding another. Blade: 202mmx34mm CPM D2 (64-65 HRC) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 15mmx16mm Handle: 128mm long, 21mmx24mm tapering to 18mmx20mm- Oil finished red oak POB: 27mm from the...
  10. S

    Hello guys any suggestion for a decent Utility knife?

    Hey guys I literally fell in love with handmade knives recently. I am looking for a nice handmade utility knife that's around 120mm to 135mm. I am a professional pastry cook, so I process fruits everyday. I really like to purchase a good utility knife. I don't really need any other knives for my...
  11. B

    WTS 1 Suji 1 Petty

    Hi guys :) Looking to sell the two below as a bundle preferably, both knives have been used 2-3 times. Looking to get $800 USD including shipping and fees. Thanks :) 1. Takada no hamono ginsan suiboku sujihiki 270mm Weight: 155 gr Measurement: 275 x 40 2. Moriheri Kurouchi fine finish 135 mm...
  12. D

    SOLD Newham Honyaki Petty / small gyuto 188mm

    Hi Everyone, Next up is a Newham small Gytuo / Petty Honyaki. The knife is BNIB and was not used. It comes with the pouch William sent it in. I actually love the knife for the look and amazing handle, but I realized I don't reach for anything below 230mm. The specs are: 188 x 49 mm 172g...
  13. B

    SOLD Hiroshi ashi White #2 petty 150 mm

    Hi all, I’m selling my Hiroshi ashi White #2 petty 150 mm. I’m selling is for AU$300 very minimally used. I bought it AU$355 from ProTooling, Syndey. This includes the box (but a bit damaged).
  14. C

    SOLD Yu Kurosaki 150mm Petty Senko Hammered SG2- Like New

    Beautiful Yu Kurosaki 150mm Petty Senko SG2 Hammered. F&F impeccable. In original box. Owned only a month, almost no use. Like-new, OOTB sharp. Over bought Kurosaki knives. Handle: Dark Walnut with blond Buffalo Horn ferrule Height at heel: 28mm Spine: 1.9mm Weight 84g $170 Shipped CONUS
  15. I

    WTS Bloodroot Blades Belt Utility Petty Knife

    Incredible one of a kind build from one of the best custom makers in the country. The blade was forged out of an old granite saw blade- while the handle features a gorgeous amboyna burl finger guard + striking copper beech. Included is a dark brown handmade leather sheath from Upland Leather-...