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SOLD Newham Honyaki Petty / small gyuto 188mm

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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong
Hi Everyone,

Next up is a Newham small Gytuo / Petty Honyaki.

The knife is BNIB and was not used. It comes with the pouch William sent it in. I actually love the knife for the look and amazing handle, but I realized I don't reach for anything below 230mm.

The specs are:

188 x 49 mm

two-tone Boxelder wood handle (pretty impressive I must say!)

The steel is 26c3 (Spicy White).

I paid 450 USD (invoice attached under the link), and I'd like to get 400 USD (incl. shipping) back for it.

The blade has a *very* strong Hamon. I tried to capture it in the pics and short clips attached under the link below, but in real the haziness of the steel is much more impressive.


Best regards,

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