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  1. Enso Forge

    Do you guys like honyaki?

    I have a special place in my heart for honyaki knives or any blade that has a hamon ( the more ashi the better! ) If you have or had one feel free to share!
  2. Wolund

    SOLD (Price Drop) Evan Antzenberger 245 B2 honyaki gyuto

    Hi all, I’d like to offer this Evan Antzenberger 245mm blue #2 honyaki workhorse gyuto. Type: honyaki Steel: blue #2 Heel to tip length: 245mm Height at heel: 59mm Weight: 327g Finish: full polish Handle: mono d-shaped Ebony with bright sapwood eye and subtle flame pattern Sad to see this one...
  3. KasumiJLA

    SOLD MSicardCutlery x JLA - Honyaki Gyuto, Sheffcut steel, 205mm, 65HRC - Hand polish & custom handle

    The second honyaki knife from the collaboration between me and Matt Sicard for is now available! The blade This time we went with our favorite model, the gyuto. A slightly shorter blade with 205mm of cutting edge; just enough to feel virile without depriving others of being able to use it...
  4. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 270mm SheffCut Honyaki Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here's what will likely be one of my last blades in SheffCut for the foreseeable future. It has a fine 2k finish and a curly walnut handle. I've given up trying to get good pictures of the hamon, but as you'll hopefully be able to see in the video, this blade has a tremendous amount...
  5. KasumiJLA

    SOLD MSicardCutlery x JLA - Honyaki Santoku, W2 steel, 195mm, 65HRC - Hand polish & custom handle

    The first knife from the collaboration between me and Matt Sicard is now available! The blade The first knife from our collaboration that we are offering is a 195mm Santoku in w2 steel. To own a honyaki blade from Matt with the same geometry, it's simply pure pleasure. I still marvel at...
  6. G

    Identify knife / translate

    Hi, I have a knife that I would like to identify. I cannot read japanese, so I don't know what written om the knife. But I think maybe it is written blue steel on one side. I also think it is a Honyaki knife because of the hamon. Can someone help me identify maker and sharpener from the...
  7. KasumiJLA

    Honyaki polishing projects - A portfolio of my WIP

    It's easy to get lost in the many threads on a forum so I'm going to put everything in the same place. I also love reading posts from those who do WIP so it's my turn to get started! As the title says, this thread will be only about my honyaki polishing projects. I have an unhealthy (and...
  8. TokushuKnife

    WTS Nakagawa Honyaki Re-stock - KKF15 discount applies at Tokushu Knife!

    We have been waiting a long time for a shipment of Nakagawa Honyaki knives, and our wait is over. We have the knife below featured on our homepage. KKF15 will give you an additional 15% off the sale price, and yes that is with the solid horn wa handle with black horn ferrule. If you have been...
  9. C

    SOLD Yoshikazu Ikeda Mount Fuji honyaki

    I want to sell this new Yoshikazu Ikeda Mount Fuji honyaki mirror polish. 240mm gyuto Sharpener: Shotaro Nomura Specs: 240 mm 50.5 mm High 232g White 3 Handle: octagonal ebony with blonde horn ferrule IMPORTANT! I have never used this knife. I bought it from new. BUT my knifemagnet have...
  10. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 270mm 26c3 Honyaki Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here I have a blade that I've been sitting on for some time. I completed the grinding back around April and only just made time to do all of the hand finishing work last week. It doesn't carry the most active hamon I've ever created, but it's a looker nonetheless. The blade is quite...
  11. breadcrumb

    SOLD Yoshikazu Ikeda - Honyaki Gyuto (210mm) [Used] | Major Price Drop

    Hi! I'm selling my Yoshikazu Ikeda Honyaki Gyuto. It's been refinished by Epicurean Edge to give it a cleaner finish. Comes with a custom-fitted Saya / Sheath from Epicurean Edge, as well, in its original box. Selling for: $800 --> $600.00 MSRP: $1090.80 + WA Tax + 150.00 (Finish) - Purchased...
  12. KasumiJLA

    Honyaki restoration project - Going to document my journey

    It's the first time I'm going to tackle a honyaki and I've embarked on a big project. It is a blade forged by a blacksmith in Sweden that is made of 26c3 steel, which is very close to a shirogami steel. Do I like this blade profile, not really. It's halfway between a honesuki and a gyuto. But...
  13. cwk.v

    Traded /WTT - Isasmedjan Integral Honyaki Gyuto -- Catch & Release

    https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/isasmedjan-fully-forged-full-tang-integral-honyaki-second.64303/ Steel: C105 Length: 245mm Height: 57mm Weight: 269g Ironwood handle 5mm out of bolster; middle: 2,36mm ; 1cm before tip: 0,6mm Switching this to a trade thread. Trade value of this knife...
  14. S

    WTS - EU Sakai Kanechika Gyuto 240mm Honyaki (EU)

    - Forged by Kenji Togashi and sharpened by Master Keichii Fujii in Sakai, Japan - White 2 / Shirogami carbon steel, a HRC at 64-65 and weighs 265g 💪🏼 - Just god back from a spa treatment at Steffen Bach (SubaKnives.com) who have been working in the sharpening shop alongside Master Keichii...
  15. D

    SOLD Togashi Tosa Honyaki Gyuto 249mm

    Hi Everyone, I am selling a Honyaki Gyuto by Togashi & Tosa, which was made for K&S a while ago. Those have a special profile designed for K&S and are quite hard to get nowadays. The knife is in amazing condition. I am the second owner and have not used the knife upon arrival. Specs: 249 x...
  16. D

    SOLD Newham Honyaki Petty / small gyuto 188mm

    Hi Everyone, Next up is a Newham small Gytuo / Petty Honyaki. The knife is BNIB and was not used. It comes with the pouch William sent it in. I actually love the knife for the look and amazing handle, but I realized I don't reach for anything below 230mm. The specs are: 188 x 49 mm 172g...
  17. D

    SOLD Antzenberger Honyaki (full polish) 245mm

    Hi Everyone, I am selling an Antzenberger Honyaki Workhorse. The knife was used for a few test cuts when I received it half a year ago (one onion and some bellpeppers) and has been in my drawer since then. The blade shows very strong Hamon and steel grain. It is in Blue 2 steel. The specs...
  18. V

    WTB Used Honyaki Gyuto

    Looking to get back into the knife game at home after taking a long break. I'm looking for the following requirements to be met: 210-240mm. Used Not chipped. Must have a wa handle. Japanese makers only. Hamon to be visible for my new kitchen $600 budget let me know what you got. Shipped to...