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  1. breadcrumb

    WTS Yoshikazu Ikeda - Honyaki Gyuto (210mm) [Used] | Price Drop + Bonus Item

    Hi! I'm selling my Yoshikazu Ikeda Honyaki Gyuto. It's been refinished by Epicurean Edge to give it a cleaner finish. Comes with a custom-fitted Saya / Sheath from Epicurean Edge, as well, in its original box. Also, willing to throw in a lightly used knife roll as well...
  2. KasumiJLA

    Honyaki restoration project - Going to document my journey

    It's the first time I'm going to tackle a honyaki and I've embarked on a big project. It is a blade forged by a blacksmith in Sweden that is made of 26c3 steel, which is very close to a shirogami steel. Do I like this blade profile, not really. It's halfway between a honesuki and a gyuto. But...
  3. cwk.v

    Traded /WTT - Isasmedjan Integral Honyaki Gyuto -- Catch & Release

    https://www.kitchenknifeforums.com/threads/isasmedjan-fully-forged-full-tang-integral-honyaki-second.64303/ Steel: C105 Length: 245mm Height: 57mm Weight: 269g Ironwood handle 5mm out of bolster; middle: 2,36mm ; 1cm before tip: 0,6mm Switching this to a trade thread. Trade value of this knife...
  4. S

    WTS - EU Sakai Kanechika Gyuto 240mm Honyaki (EU)

    - Forged by Kenji Togashi and sharpened by Master Keichii Fujii in Sakai, Japan - White 2 / Shirogami carbon steel, a HRC at 64-65 and weighs 265g 💪🏼 - Just god back from a spa treatment at Steffen Bach (SubaKnives.com) who have been working in the sharpening shop alongside Master Keichii...
  5. D

    SOLD Togashi Tosa Honyaki Gyuto 249mm

    Hi Everyone, I am selling a Honyaki Gyuto by Togashi & Tosa, which was made for K&S a while ago. Those have a special profile designed for K&S and are quite hard to get nowadays. The knife is in amazing condition. I am the second owner and have not used the knife upon arrival. Specs: 249 x...
  6. D

    SOLD Newham Honyaki Petty / small gyuto 188mm

    Hi Everyone, Next up is a Newham small Gytuo / Petty Honyaki. The knife is BNIB and was not used. It comes with the pouch William sent it in. I actually love the knife for the look and amazing handle, but I realized I don't reach for anything below 230mm. The specs are: 188 x 49 mm 172g...
  7. D

    SOLD Antzenberger Honyaki (full polish) 245mm

    Hi Everyone, I am selling an Antzenberger Honyaki Workhorse. The knife was used for a few test cuts when I received it half a year ago (one onion and some bellpeppers) and has been in my drawer since then. The blade shows very strong Hamon and steel grain. It is in Blue 2 steel. The specs...
  8. V

    WTB Used Honyaki Gyuto

    Looking to get back into the knife game at home after taking a long break. I'm looking for the following requirements to be met: 210-240mm. Used Not chipped. Must have a wa handle. Japanese makers only. Hamon to be visible for my new kitchen $600 budget let me know what you got. Shipped to...